Day 95: Glittered Paper Flowers

by thecraftaholic


No matter who we are with, we often think “I am stronger than he,” “I am more beautiful than she,” “I am more intelligent” and so forth.”
Why do we do this? Why? I think that if we all were to simply stop this destructive way of thinking, that perhaps there would be more peace in the world. Or at least, more peace in our lives.
This pattern of thinking is…just a destructive competitiveness that lingers in the world.
It’s everywhere…the cars we drive, the clothing we wear, the brand of food…even the brand of art supplies!
This competitiveness is part of what brings a brand to your home. But it’s also what creates destruction, right?
Competition brings upon the idea of labels. New York City is full of them. But you don’t need to wear a label. You can choose to go beyond the idea of being one thing or another and just be who you are inside. Just be an artist. Just be creative. Go beyond the idea of your scrapbooks, your altered art, or your paintings. Just be creative. Be a maker of things, a creator of beauty.
Speaking of creating, I have been toying with the idea of launching my own zine. So I’m in the begining stages of it, and I’ve created a Ning Page for it. I hope you’ll join me.
Also, I did fail to mention about my outing yesterday to see Santa Claus. Macy’s in Herald Square has a Santa Claus that is worth the wait in line. The nice thing is that you don’t have to worry about waiting in line, as they have so much to see while you wait.

We took our little one, which was nice while we waited in line, but then the little elf person started getting in Dakota’s face (i guess to excite her, but she hates pple getting in her face), and when she saw that Santa, she got so scared! She just wanted to leave! Poor thing. The Santa Claus looked real though. Seriously, he had a real beard, I mean he made me want to believe in Santa!
Oh well. So no pictures with Santa, as she was quite hysterical. Perhaps next year.
Here’s my craft for the day. Another paper flower. This one is easy to make. I used the stamp from the set by Stampin up, “Fabulous Flowers”. Then I stamped it three times. Remember that two must be cut consecutively smaller, so that they layer on top of each other.
I really like making paper flowers a lot, mostly because I love flowers. Now I want to run out and buy a whole bunch of flower stamps.
The Craftaholic
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