Day 94: Santa Claus and Paper Flowers

by thecraftaholic


“To a large extent, whether or not one suffers pain depends on how one responds to a given situation.”
This one is recycled, I think. Sorry about that. Blame it on the impending Xmas holiday. I’ve been very poetry bent these days. I hope you all don’t mind that. It’s more inspiring to me to capture the quote into a poem, where I can really tell you what I think and how I truly feel about what the Dalai Lama is saying.
So here’s my thought. Today it is not coming out in poetry.
I think that I can choose to wallow, or I can choose not to.
It’s like art. I love museums. I love art. But having grown up in rural NJ, there’s a part of me that doesn’t understand certain types of art.
I’m reminded of an episode of Designing women, where they visit a museum, and the one says, “oh I don’t understand this type of art” when approaching a payphone as a piece of art.
It’s all about how you perceive things, right?
I can see things in clear and pretty
or I can choose to dwell
on what I cannot have and what I
do not have
I can
choose to see the rain
or look forward to the sun
I can
I knew a man who lived to be
just by living
every day
and seeing the things in front of him, and
smelling the proverbial flowers, he
told me, “my life was sad, until I made it
and then I knew that
I can choose
or not
once a woman, she
lived in the tunnels
she lived in the train station
every day,she’d wrap herself
in bags made of plstic
but every day upon her face,
there would be
a smile
and perhaps she’s ill
in mind
or perhaps she sees the happiness I
don’t notice
perhaps, like my offspring, she
when i do not
that’s what I need
just to notice
So for today’s creative endeavor, I perfected the paper flowers!
Finally, they look cool. At least I think so.
The trick is to totally saturate them with glimmer mist. I found that it made the paper more workable.
Then I gave a good spritz of some Tattered Angels brand shimmer mist that I have, in Golden something or other.
It’s a sheer golden mist. Very nice touch. Another hint, I would spray it afterward with some sort of spray varnish, to make sure that all that glimmer and glitter doesn’t end up on your hands when working with the flower, or if you intend to sell them, god forbid your customer emails you with complaints of blue glittery fingertips.
So remember: varnish is your friend.
The Craftaholic