Day 93: Make Your Own Glimmer Mist

by thecraftaholic


“We generate much pride. This is not good. Instead we should always remain humble.”
I love this quote. I think I like it because I’m surrounded by people in a city where too much pride happens in most everyone you come in contact with.
gets in the way of yourself
it becomes this…this false identity
we walk around with
inflated masks on our faces
inflated and they grow and grow
until one day we can barely
the burden of carrying this falseness…it
eats at you
the mask itself
eats at you
until one day
you realize
you’ve forgotten who you are
So I also wanted to share a video that illustrates my point, I think.
Check it out:

Also, I had some crafty fun today.
I was running out of glimmer mist, and I knew there had to be a way to make your own. So I googled, and found this AWESOME blog that has a recipe for making your own glimmer mist, and if you look at her blog, she also has a bunch of paper flower tutorials. Cool, eh?
The only thing I did differently, is that I bought 2 oz. spray bottles instead of the tiny misters that Ranger makes.
I also recommend using Pearl Ex powder, or even highly pigmented glimmer eye shadow. And I used hair spray with water mixed it up with some generous drops of stamping ink.
I am SOOO happy with it.
So here is the first flower. Didn’t come out that great, since I do need matching brads. Also, I want to age the edges a bit more. I love flowers a lot in my shadow boxes, so I want to make a bunch of them.
Also the picture is shit. Sorry. Bad camera. I’ll be getting a nice new one next week, I think.
I’m making more, so I’ll show you those tomorrow if I can.
The Craftaholic