Day 92: Bird in Flight

by thecraftaholic


“The self-cherishing attitude makes us very uptight; we think we are extremely important, and our basic desire is for ourselves to be happy.”
I had this whole message that I had typed out, with a poem and all. I hate extremes and fanaticism. I and my husband pride ourselves in being balanced people. Not that I do down the middle. I am simply a balanced person.
I love be healthy, and good to my body. But I think that we take it a little too far.
If we were to just focus ourselves on simply being happy, and not following rules or having to preserve ourselves, perhaps we would be better off, eh?
I think that our ideals of self cherishing come from our insecurities. We project our fears and insecurities with our ideals of self cherishing. And so we go to extremes, and sometimes make our children do the same.
Today’s creative endeavor is a drawing that I made today. I mentioned yesterday that I have been drawing. So here’s my drawing.
It’s called “Bird in flight”. Inside there is a poem that I wrote. You can slightly see the text. Sorry, but along with a crappy camera I also have a crappy scanner. Don’t worry though. Enough of you read this, and soon one day, I’ll be able to post fabulous pictures.
Meanwhile, i’ts really friggin cold out! Manhattan and Brooklyn are both freezing cold. Meanwhile, I must go out for yarn and miscellaneous supplies for the Xmas gifting season.
The Craftaholic