Day 91: Make your own Texturized Cardstock

by thecraftaholic


“Sometimes you may be truly wronged and it is right for you to express your grievance instead of letting it fester inside of you.”
used to have nightmares
used to remember the
wrong things you did, the
wrong things you said
I did
I did
and bitterness ate me
then by chance I looked ahead
while walking down the street
and happened to see a woman
two times my age
and she
and it
and hate
consumed her
consumed her
consumed her so that
had only her hate to show
for all she accomplished in her life
decided to
let go, and
tell you:
you were wrong
and I
move on
one foot in front of the other
in front of the other
in front of the other
and so
I move on
you were wrong
So I think this is interesting, because I find it hard to actually stand up and tell someone that they wronged me. I can write poems, and talk about it, and analyze it…
So I stick to writing my poems and furiously making art.
I’ve said before that I’m not much of a sketch artist. But actually, lately, I’ve been drawing. My recent trip to see Tim Burton’s artwork at the MoMa proved inspiring.
I think that art museums have spirit muses that latch on to us, when they like us. Then we come home inspired to make all sorts of new things we never tried before. It’s nice. It’s a cool feeling.
I started a new project today. I love projects. I have this die that I got for my sizzix big shot, so I plan on making a little mini book of wisdom with these fun little pages.
I added texture and color, by going over the die cut card stock first with modeling paste, then acrylic paints or watercolors. Cool, eh?
You of course, have to wait for the modeling paste to finish drying. It’s fun to work with! If you’re searching for this stuff though, you should look in a true art supply store, as craft stores such as Joannes or Michael’s may not carry such a specialized medium.
I also made some tags, but the pictures are too shitty to share with you. Sorry for my virtual potty mouth.
The Craftaholic