Day 88: Glittered Owl

by thecraftaholic


If you know someone is speaking badly of you behind your back and you react to that negatively, then you destroy your own peace of mind.

I used to care what you said
I used to wonder
my mind, believing the things you spoke
as true
head is in nirvana
soul is
at peace
somewhere, thinking of flowers, and pretty things when
you open your mouth to speak ill
when all you do is speak ill
speak ill
speak ill
like you
foam at the mouth
I don’t believe you
I just pity you
the words you speak against
are the words that fall upon you
So I’ll
just think of pretty things when you
open your mouth to speak

So that’s my thought for today.

Today’s my birthday!
I saved a special project just for today. I bought this owl candle at Target, and knew that he was just waiting to be covered in gorgeous purple glitter.

So I whipped out my spray adhesive, and my spray varnish, put some newspaper on the floor and got to it. I’m suprised, it only took me half a jar to cover him.
You like? I had so much fun doing this, that I wanted to buy a ton more to cover in glitter.