Day 87: Some Much Needed Art Supplies

by thecraftaholic


“If you know someone is speaking badly of you behind your back and you react to that negatively, then you destroy your own peace of mind.”

I was made fun of in school. In high school there was one boy in particular who made it a habit to pick on me.
I’ve said before that I’m a sensitive soul. I really am.
I don’t take well to jokes that are at my expense, or to people that poke fun at me “in love”. The other day I mentioned that I take myself a little too seriously. That’s part of it, I think.
A person who grows up being told negative things, isn’t necessarily going to take those kinds of jokes well. But still, some people close to me, expect me to take it welll.
Until you walk in someone’s shoes, you really have no right to pass judgements on them. So keep your mouth shut. In fact, don’t even think it.
I love one thing about my mother in law. She really could care less what you say about her. Truly. To her, it doesn’t matter what you say.
That’s the problem with how I grew up I guess. I grew up believing that what people said, mattered. Because I was spoken ill over by people I loved. But it doesn’t really affect me, does it? It doesn’t affect my life in any way unless I ALLOW it to affect me. But I won’t.
I know that I’m a good person, a great mother, and a creative soul. I know this. So it doesn’t matter if you call me a liar to my face, or don’t believe the things I tell you. What matters is what I GIVE power to believe in my life. Right?

So today’s endeavor, was not so much crafty. I mean, it was I guess. Tomorow (Dec. 3) is my birthday, and I took a much needed trip to the art supply store. I actually had to go to two art supply stores, because Pearl Paint, here in NYC, doesn’t have the full array of what I needed. At all. I wanted some crackle paint, and so I had to go to the Ink Pad for that. I did buy some canvas paper, which I cut up into tags, because good ol’ Tim Holtz reminded me how much I do love making tags. So I cut up a stack of tags, and started a few also.
I bought modeling paste, which I am so looking forward to working with.
So that was my crafty endeavor. Happy birthday to me!