Day 84: Perfume & Body Cream Set

by thecraftaholic


“In this age of degeneration when one meets with all sorts of adversities, the practice of generating positive thoughts is very effective.”

Positive thoughts. My husband and I clash with this subject. Positive thoughts are not always meaning that you must have this blind faith. I certainly do, but then I am a Sagitarian, and really…where would a sagitarius be without blind faith, right?
My husband, being a taurus, is quite the realist. So his idea of positive thinking is much different than mine.
The truth is, it works. I’m not saying that all the sudden your world will change, and miracles will happen. I’m a firm believer though, that through your two hands, your hard work, and your positive attitude, you can create your own miracles, and make great things happen in your life.
If this were not true, I know that I would not be here.
Positive thoughts. It’s not about dis-allowing the darkness. It’s about thinking differently through it. That’s what I think, anyway. I think that being positive is relative. It’s what it is to you.
There are tons and tons of books and websites dedicated to the Law of Attraction, but I think it is as simple as simply thinking positivly. Change your way of thinking from negative to positive. I don’t mean having blind faith, I simply mean noticing the good instead of the bad.
I was talking to someonw about my brothers passing today. My brother passed away when I was 16 years old. I’m okay with it now; I mean, I can talk about it without crying of course.
But in that moment, it was my faith and my positive thinking that allowed me to get through it. Positive thinking in the sense that I chose to write about his death and how it affected me.
That’s what I mean. I didn’t sit there, and become a “pollyanna”, not allowing a tear to roll down my cheek.
I cried. I cried a lot. But what got me through one of the darkest times in my life, was what I did with all those dark feelings. I call those feeling dark because I don’t think it’s negative to mourn. I do not think it is negative to feel anger necessarily. I think what is negative is what we do once those emotions come to mind. Turn it around to a positive thing. Write. Paint. Scrap. Knit. Do something creative.

So for today’s crafty endeavor, I taught a workshop on making your own bath and body products.
We made soap, body cream, bath salts, and perfume.

It was fun. We made some soap, and some shea butter hand cream.
I also caught the needle felting bug from my good friend Cristina. So now that I’ve browsed the internet for felted inspiration, perhaps a round up is in order!