Day 82: Animal Hair Clippies

by thecraftaholic


  1. ” The mind can and must transform itself. We all start off with the same capacities, but some people develop them while others don’t. Look at one person who annoys you, and use the opportunity to counter your own anger and cultivate compassion.”

If you live in New York, you get the chance to practice this pretty much every day. You will ALWAYS find someone who annoys you. ALWAYS. It’s life in the city, you know? No matter where you live, or where you travel to though, you will always find someone who bothers or annoys you.
My pet peeve is just plain rudeness. Today for example, some guy bumps into me, then looks at me angrily, as if it was my doing! And of course, he had to make a comment, to which I always just keep quiet, because really. He could be some crazy serial killer, for all I know.
I mostly ignore the annoyances, as do most New Yorkers (except for those who are a little too stressed out to begin with).
But one thing we all should do, is try to do as the Dalai Lama suggests and use the opportunity as a way to cultivate love and compassion instead.
This is quite the case for those of us who do not always get along with our families. The holidays are all about being surrounded by family, and those that we love.
But then…the highest suicide rate is in the holiday season. Why, you ask?
My humble opinion is the family thing. We either do have a family, or we lack the type of family that we wish to have.
I’ll get to my point by telling you about my beloved grandmother Adela. My grandmother lived with my parents and I, and pretty much helped raise me for some years. I grew quite close to her. She was like a second mother to me.
I loved listening to her stories, and watching her cook, telling me about life in Colombia…she taught me to love the kitchen, and to love food, with a love that only a true artist or chef could know or appreciate.
Now of course, I’m grown with a daughter of my own. It’s sad to say that my own daughter will never have the chance to have the type of grandmother that I had growing up.
My mother and mother in law are both career women that still work, and are not the homemakers that my grandmother was her entire life.
But this is the family that I do have. And so, I learn to appreciate that instead, Dakota will have grandmothers that will teach her the importance of an educated woman, and the importance of being wise with your money, and your men.
She may not learn to love yard sales, thrift stores and good strong coffee from them, but she’ll learn those things from me.
So today’s lesson is to appreciate the family you have while you have it. They may not be perfect, but cultivating love and compassion will turn your negative feelings around, and help you see them in a more positive light.

So for today’s crafty endeavor, I made some very cute hair clippies.
I have a crappy camera though, so you’ll just have to see the crap ones. I do want to sell these, though.
I was thinking about approaching some local children’s stores. What do you think?

The Craftaholic