Day 79: Glittered Bird Christmas Ornaments

by thecraftaholic


“From this perspective, we are much worse than insects, who just go about their business without pretending to be anything.”

Why do we insist on being selfish? The other day I was getting on the F train when some lady pushed me to get a seat. I had three huge heavy bags on me. How rude. To top it off, there was a woman who was very obviously pregnant, STANDING UP. Not one male got up for her. To this, I say:
Shame on you, New York.
We are worst then insects, or rats, going about our daily life, not even the slightest bit interested in what someone else’s life is like. Not one bit. Some of us, we don’t even try to be interested.
Do something. Do something for someone else, something in the name of love or charity. Be better than an insect. Or at least, try to be.

So for today’s crafty endeavor, I made these very cool Bird ornaments.
The birds are a hand carved stamp from my collection, on pretty paper, then glittered. These, I plan on using as Christmas ornaments, but you could use them for anything, I’m sure!
They will go for sale soon. I just want to wait until the sun is out so I can post them for sale with non crappy pictures.
Cute, eh?