Day 75: Glittered Christmas Cards

by thecraftaholic


“Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t appreciate kindness and compassion.”

I wish that religion wouldn’t always get in the way of a friendship. I wish that people would put their prejudice aside and stop judging people so much.
Why do we do this? Why do we continue to judge others? Is it that we are somehow in an authority to judge someone? The christian faith says that god is the only one who has authority to judge.
Buddhism teaches that no one has that authority but your own self.
So why do we do this? Do me a favor, readers. the next time you meet some fabulous person that you get along well with, put your religion aside. I don’t need a preacher. If I wanted that, I’d just call my mother.
Just be kind. Practice compassion. Don’t just be nice. I mean compassion.
What is compassion?
Well, rather than post the meaning, I found the synonyms and antonyms quite interesting:

1. commiseration, mercy, tenderness, heart, clemency. Seesympathy.

1. mercilessness, indifference.

So which one are you? There is no grey here. Only the synonym and antonym. So pick one. Hmmm?

So for today’s crafty endeavor, I finished the Christmas Cards! I packaged them up and have them all ready for the store in which they will grace the presence of.
The word “NOEL” is a hand carved stamp from last year. The words are stamped, glittered and hand cut.
The envelopes are also hand made. They are all hand cut!

What else can I say except that I hope I can be on the Oprah Winfrey show before it ends. I have until 2011.

The Craftaholic