Day 73: The Lamp Bottlecap Pins

by thecraftaholic


“Compassion and tolerance are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.”

Today I was walking around the city, and I found having to plow through the crowds of people that never get out of a woman’s way when she’s walking with a stroller. I told my friend, “sometimes you just have to be a bitch”. And it’s true. You sometimes just have to plow through the people. If not, they will not move for you. Just like they didn’t help my pregnant friend carry her stroller down the stairs. Pregnant! I couldn’t believe it.
“Wear tighter tops, Christina” I told her.
In this large and magestic city, things are…different. Things work differently here. We see things differently. We expect more. New York City and it’s five boroughs really is like a planet all on it’s own.
So here, I chose this quote as a reminder to all of you urban dwellers out there. Sometimes you do have to be a bitch. But sometimes, it’s a really good thing to be kind. Remember: helping someone up the stairs with a stroller or cane is a really nice thing. Maybe one day, you’ll need help from someone. Or you’ll need kindness.
What will you do then?

So for today’s crafty endeavor, I made some bottlecap pins.
These are left overs from my husband’s CD release that is coming up.
These are some print outs I found, from some artwork he made. This one here is (I think) from a bottle of Malta Goya. The top one was bought. Stupid, I know. I’ll not buy them anymore. It’s more fun to collect used ones. I normally love making these bottlecap pins, but I abstain from making them, because I feel like they are so done. You know? But nevertheless, here they are.
Like them?

The Craftaholic