Day 72: Porcelain Jewelry Set

by thecraftaholic


“Firstly, our motivation should be simple and sincere. Whether we achieve the goal or not does not matter so long as our motivation is very sincere and we make an attempt. Finally, even if we fail to achieve our goal we won’t regret making the effort. If our motivation is not sincere, even if the objective is achieved the person will not be so happy or satisfied deep down. So motivation is very important.”

I mean
getting up and
really meaning it
saying that I’m
going to and
I mean it
the shadows

I have
about tomorow
dreams of where I
wish to be and what I
hope to be
dream of roses and pretty things while being surrounded by seedlings and evening rain….
I walk
one foot in front of
the other
just the act of
and moving
is good enough for me

So today I wrote another poem. I felt the inspiration. It’s important for us to have goals and to dream big. It’s also important to act on those goals and those dreams we dream.
Will we get there?
I think of road trips. I love road trips. My husband and I take road trips every year. We don’t go too far-just into Pennsylvania. But we love it. For me, the drive up is just the best part! Going there, stopping for directions, occasionally getting lost, stopping for gas and noticing the Mr. Pibb and Mallow cups that are not found in New York City. Noticing. Seeing.
Simple motivation is all we need to get to our goal, and then we can realize that the the road there is part of the destination.
How does one find it?
How do we find motivation? I’ve said it before: seek within. Seek within to find your motivation or lack thereof.
Why are you not motivated? You know why. Answer the question, deal with it. Deal with the sadness or the grief. Deal with the issues. Then realize that movement is needed to grow.
Growth is my motivation. My daughter is my motivation. My family motivates me, without lifiting a finger or saying a word. Motivation is the key for movement.
What’s your motivation?

Today’s crafty endeavor is my mother’s Christmas present.
My mother loves jewelry, so I thought I’d make this lovely set. It’s a set of earrings, a ring, and a hair pin.
I also made the box and covered it with some lovely papers.
I’m so on a roll for Xmas this year! I’m doing chocolate truffles instead of homemade jam this year, just because I’m in the mood for change. And chocolate truffles are so yum.
The Craftaholic