Day 67: Butterflies, and Wish Jars

by thecraftaholic


“Human beings are of such nature that they should have not only material facilities but spiritual sustenance as well. Without spiritual sustenance, it is difficult to get and maintain peace of mind.”

I have always been a spiritual person. I grew up in a very religious environment. While I don’t subscribe to the form of religion taught to me as a child, I do believe in the importance of a healthy spiritual life.
Spirituality is an individual thing that varies, based on the person.
We need to look into ourselves and find a new level of spirituality that is less individual and more community based.
Community. Remember that word, my fellow New Yorkers? Community, as in people looking out for EACH OTHER. Find a community of spiritual folks. It’s not that hard to find. These days, there are as many temples as there are brands of food. Maybe more.
Spirituality is important. It helps you see your whole life-your art, your friends and your family-in a new light. Plus it helps with not being so selfish. Okay, New Yorkers that don’t give a seat to a pregnant woman?
So for today’s crafty endeavor, I made (yes) more books.

The books haven’t been listed yet, because I want to wait until I’ve got the whole little set of coordinating books and maybe some matching magnet sets. Plus I’m lazy, and it’s late.

But I also finished one of my little wish jars!

This one is going to be mailed out though. It’s resting on top of a little note with instructions that I printed up.
It is a wish jar! It’s been painted, glittered (with German glass glitter), embellished and packed up. You write your wish on a the paper that’s in the envelope, and stuff it in the jar. Then put the jar on a window sill that faces the moon, during a full new moon.
And that’s it! Wait for your wish to come true.
Like it? These are not for sale. A project like this does not have a price, as I put my whole self into this little project. So they will be randomly given away. I don’t know to whom yet. Perhaps I’ll just make a contest. Anyone interested?