Day 60: Almost Edible Chunky Books

by thecraftaholic

It is necessary to help others, not only in our prayers, but in our daily lives. If we find we cannot help others, the least we can do is to desist from harming them.”

Upon reading this, my gut reaction is to say, well I don’t really harm anyone. I’m a nice person, and I mind my own business.
But how do we harm others? We harm others with our simple actions, and our mouth. By being cold and indifferent. By not returning a phone call. By speaking without thinking. These things hurt and harm someone.
But we don’t think about it that way. We rather like to think that this world is dog eat dog, and I have to look out for myself. Right? It’s true. It’s a jungle out there.
Like the song says, “Disorder and confusion everywhere; no one seems to care…”
But what can we do about it? Shall we continue with our lives as if nothing else mattered in the world but ourselves? Shall we just continue living our lives like little trained rats, just doing as we are told, just paying our rent and bills and going to work?
Let us decide that we each will be individual. It starts with expressing yourself in a healthy manner. It starts with daring to just be you, and not what someone else thinks is pretty or attractive.
Realize that you have your own individual power to change the world. You do! We all do. Let’s take an example of Abbie Hoffman. A mentally ill man (he had BiPolar disorder) who actually led rallies and decided to stand for something that he believed strongly in.
Now, I’m not saying you have to go to Washington to convince our president of one thing or another. But changing the world is easy.
It starts by giving an elderly or pregnant woman your seat on the subway; by letting the other driver go; by not rushing too much. Taking your time. Smiling at someone, just because. These small actions can actually change the world.
Think of it as the domino effect.
So for today’s crafty endeavor, I made more spiral bound books.

I love this machine so much. My husband bought it for me, and I am forever grateful.
I made a set of three almost edible chunky notebooks.
Cute eh?
They are of course, for sale in my shop.
Tomorow’s crafty endeavor may just be the organization of my abbys like stash of art supplies…

The Craftaholic