Day 59: Spiral Bound Art Books

by thecraftaholic


“With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”

Wow. Another word of encouragement. Today’s thought comes with another story.
I have a neice. Three, actually. When I was little I would babysit the two eldest: changing their diapers, etc.
I remember things about them. Like how Melanie was a thin baby that didn’t smile much, while Angie was chubby and loved hot dogs.
They moved away.
Somehow, the fact that these two amazing and beautiful girls are talented, got lost in translation. They made choices that perhaps they should not have. Everyone does, right?
Not one of us is perfect.
And so, these choices lead them to where they are. On the path to Nirvana, slowly and surely.
If only we could see our potential and not doubt ourselves so much!
It is so easy to just fill ourselves with doubt and negativity. We do it so much, that we make wrong choices. We fill ourselves with a fake happiness, thinking that addiction and vanity will do it.
But it all comes together, doesn’t it? Compassion. Love. Listening to self. If we do this, we can see what our true potential is, can’t we?
So today for my crafty endeavor, I was feeling a little low. I asked a friend to come over, and keep me company while I waited for Mr. UPS man to come and bring the Bind It All Machine that my darling husband bought for me!
He deserves a thousand kisses and hugs for this alone.
It was so much fun! I made a couple books. These are not for sale. But I’ll make more, trust me. LOTS more.

My lovely friend Karina, who’s patience outweighs that of a nun.

Here’s the little book I made, with my new binding machine! I have to say I’m a big fan of spiral bound books, so this is a lot of fun.

This is another one. I loooove this one. Inside is canvas paper, so you can paint away, and it lays flat so it’ll dry easily. This one I want to give away. But to whom, hmmm?
I think I may never leave my house again, I may just stay home and make books until I run out of spiral rings!
Of course, even then, I could recycle some old ones….

The Craftaholic