Day 58: Jeweled Bird Gift Tags

by thecraftaholic


“Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.”

Wow. What a powerful statement to make. I almost don’t know what else to say. I mean, change.
I’ll start by saying that change happens. It does. We either choose it and allow it, or it will happen against our will. When change happens against our will, it is usually a suprise that we weren’t planning on.
A long time ago, before my husband and I ever met, I miscarried. I was told by a doctor that I would probably never be able to carry or give birth to a child. This of course, I eventually came to terms with. That in itself was difficult to to deal with, but I did nonetheless. My art and my poetry helped.
Eventually, I moved on. I met Jose, and we married. Throughout our marriage I never really bothered being too cautious with pregnancy, because, well…for what, I thought.
I went on the pill. I got pregnant. We totally were not expecting it. At all. But we of course, welcomed the amazing change in our life.
My point in telling you this painful story is that throughout life, there are changes. I adapted to the change that came to me. I mean, I had to. I had no choice, really. I had to learn to accept what came in my life. My art and my writing are what saved me, truly. Throughout the deaths I’ve seen of loved ones close to me, throughout the pits in my life….I’ve always had my art.
And so, as we go through life’s changes and shifts, we should turn to our creativity.
Today is actually a great example. For today’s crafty endeavor, I was pretty lacking. I had no motivation, at all! I realized I have this challenge to do a creative thing a day, so I decided I’d make some tags.
I picked out this new stack of paper I bought recently, and as I started doing it, I felt pretty good!
I pushed myself just a little, and it worked.
Now normally a creative block is usually just a time for us to incubate and listen to ourselves more. But even in a creative block we are still creative beings. You have it in you. My friend Lisa T. says that everyone has the creative ability to paint within them (she’s a painter). She told me once the thing is to get it from inside to on the page. So it’s something to think about, as you’re creating today, or as you sit at your desk wondering what to do next.
Here’s a tip. If you are indeed creatively blocked, but want to make something, do something you know you can’t screw up. Something that you can do blindfolded. We all have that. For me, I just had an idea stewing already in my head, and tags are so easy and fun for me, that it became my create endeavor.
For some of you, it could be sewing. It would for me, if my friggin machine were fixed! ARG! Ahem, I welcome donations in the form of a sewing machine. Thank you.
So here’s my little gift tags.

Cute eh? I hand cut everything, and distressed the paper. The leaves are cute too, I love the idea of mixing jewelry supplies with paper. I call them “jeweled” because I added some antique brass leaves from my jewelry making stash. I may keep this up….

The Craftaholic
They are of course for sale.