Day 55: Halloween Wishes

by thecraftaholic

“I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.”

I think I may have used this one already. But I chose it because I think about the holiday season and how it’s come upon us. I think about how many suicides occur during this time of year.
The holiday season makes me think of family, makes me think of baking, and making food for those I love, decorating the christmas tree, and making hand made christmas decorations (for the said tree and for our home).
It mreinds me of walking around the New York City streets, in my winter coat, seeing the decorations and lights…of the hustle and bustle, of the tourists walking slowly and taking pictures of the most ordinary parts of New York City…
There is nothing like New York City in Christmas time. There really isn’t. If there is one time of year that you ever decide to visit my grand and expensive city, I highly reccomend coming here for Christmas. It truly is magical.
With all this magic and wonder, with all the peppermint hot chocolates and pumpkin spice lattes…the poor and the ragged are often the ones ignored. The lonely ones, the shy ones….they are the ones that the world forgets. The people that just shuffle by you. The quiet ones who don’t look up. The ones who have no family.
This time of year is rough for some. Perhaps for most. When times are tough for me, I take comfort in my art. Often times my writing and my art are the only things that cheer me up. I try to remain always in a state of appreciation. Always appreciating what I have. Always noticing the good, and not the bad.
As this holiday season begins, I’ve vowed to do something for others. And also, I’m keeping my tradition of making my gifts.

That being said, my crafty endeavor for the day was the Halloween season!

I dressed up as Frida Kahlo, and my daughter (who I wanted to be my monkey) was a dragon.

We went trick or treating, then when to the Museum of the Native American for some Day of the Dead Craftiness!

They had a very cool altar, where you can leave ofrendas. I left something on the altar. There were pictures, candies, sugar skulls…
It was beautiful.

Towards the end of our trick or treating excursion, our little dragon got a little drowsy…

The sugar of course, gave us lots of excitement on the train ride home….

my two Tauruses fell asleep, after a long day of trick or treating and crafty goodness.

Overall, a very eventful and very happy day.