Day 53: Untitled Art on Canvas

by thecraftaholic


The very purpose of religion is to control yourself, not to criticize others.”

I love this quote. While I do not consider myself a religious person, I do believe that we all have at least a small measuring of faith in a higher power.
It’s important to believe in something bigger than yourself. It is.
I think the point of religion, and of this quote, is to note that it is important for a person to believe in something bigger then yourself. If not for any other reason, for the simple idea of self illumination.
What’s that?
Discovery. Self discovery. When you discover your true self, you find your true creative spirit, you find that although there are annoyances in the every day life, they don’t have to affect you as they normally would. Road rage becomes a thing of the past. Not that you become some guru, and live on a hill, eating only raw foods. But at least the person down the street can not bother you as much as they used to. And perhaps you find the beauty in others, rather than always notice what people don’t do.
Do you ever notice that the people who notice everything negative, are also the ones with few friends?
Something to think about.
On another note, I made some art today.

I ran out of red paint, and went to Pearl Paint for some more red paint, and to get a few supplies for an upcoming workshop, and to my horror, there were very few tubes of red paint left! Strange!

Anyway, I made this collage piece. I don’t know if I have a title for it. It’s sort of a collage of where I see myself, and where I see myself going. It’s my wish for myself.
I hope you like it. I haven’t painted in a long time.

The Craftaholic