Day 47: Little Pink Hippo Scrapbook

by thecraftaholic


“We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection.”

Human affection. It’s just a touch, right? I never thought about how important it is to feel affection, until I read this.
Affection doesn’t mean that we have to fawn over everyone around us. To me, I think it means not being afraid of giving your friend a hug, of reaching over and giving them a peck on the cheek.
In the hispanic culture, we are used to greeting our friends with a hug and peck on the cheek. It’s affectionate, and tells the person you’re happy to see them. The american culture, is of course a bit more distant. But there’s nothing wrong with us adopting this, right? A hug can litterally heal someone.
Reiki is a type of healing that is given through the touch of a person’s hands. So, litterally a touch can heal you. Or break you. We are all light beings, and we are made up of energy and light. When we are tired, angry, or upset about something, usually our life partners can feel it. It’s not just because they are near us, or know us, but because we emit our moods and our emotions in our body. So when we touch the people around us, we littlerally have the power to heal them.
Something to think about, when you give a friend a hug.

So for today’s craft endeavor, I made an album to match yesterday’s.

That’s right. I made a baby girl album with the matching card. It’s for sale in my shop, as always. Today I might be making some jewelry. I want to look through my jewelry supplies and see what I have. Anyone have a tackle box they are willing to send me? I’ll make you some stamps in return….

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