Day 41: Felted Soap

by thecraftaholic


“There is nothing to trust seeking happiness from outside, you will only become exhausted with suffering, with is without satisfaction and without end.”

My Thoughts:

You never truly understand this quote until you actually just get it. I think that you think about what this means, to find happiness….you search through religions, through diets and fads, through vanity….we search for this little pill of happiness outside of who we are.
But true happiness is not found. I mean, it’s not found in things or in people. When you see the people around you…those that are fanatics about one thing or another…they have chosen an illusion. Fanatism is just an illusion. It’s fake. True happiness is found within yourself. Through the practice of compassion.
In the art world, and in crafting, we can seek happiness with our art by not expecting. Don’t expect things. Just be in the moment, with your knitting needles, your paint brush, or your rubber stamps. Just notice what you’re doing. Notice the texture of the paper, the deepness of the colors. Just be in the moment.

For today’s crafty endeavor, I taught a class with one of my craft groups, the NYC Craft Circle.

I held it at Spacecraft, and taught how to make felted soap.

It’s a terrible picture, I know. But you know, it was a lot of fun.
I had to bring my daughter with me today, since the hubs was working, but despite the subways that never fail to disapoint me, she actually had fun! Spacecraft is fun, because they have a little kid’s area, so she felt right at home. She wasn’t shy at all! It was nice.
Tomorow, I’m going to the Big Apple Glass Art and Bead Festival. I am so looking forward to it.

The Craftaholic