Day 36: Another Scarf, and Pumpkin Carving

by thecraftaholic

I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest.” My thoughts:

I’m reminded of a story . When I was pregnant I had a major case of claustrophobia. I remember that I worked for a major financial company, that had huge elevators, lots of crowds, and lines for everything. I remember that I would always wait to get in an elevator that was not crowded. Sometimes, people would just keep on piling in, even coming close to me, while I was very obviously pregnant, sometimes even packing the elevator so tight, I couldn’t move!
Now usually, I would just get out. I would just get out on some random floor, and wait for a less crowded elevator. But there were occasions when I was running late, when I had no chance to run out of the crowded elevator that often wreaked of knockoff Designer perfume and shoe polish. So I would have to stay there, in that crowded elevator, sometimes getting anxiety. To combat my claustrophobia, I would close my eyes and envision myself in an empty elevator, with no one in it but me.
My point is, we are in a situation, but we make the best of it. Instead of dwelling on the negative, I’ll deal with my life in a positive way, that empowers me instead of cripples me.

In other news, I went Pumpkin Picking with my little one today.

Yes, we had alot of fun.
I love being surrounded by nature.

We also carved a pumpkin today, that was nice.

I also started a new knit project. Yep, another scarf. This one is for my pet project, Scarves for the Homeless. It’s so pretty, the rib pattern combined with the softness of the yarn. Believe it or not, it’s just Lion Brand Yarn in a handspun wool yarn line they have now.
What else? Not much to tell. I’ve got some big changes for my etsy shops. Big changes indeed. I’ve been plotting a master plan to take over. Well, not really, you know what I mean. So stay tuned.