Day 34: Vintage Record Sleeve Scrapbook w/Tutorial!

by thecraftaholic

Me sans makeup. Photo by my child prodigy daughter, Dakota

El Señor Calavera, who watches over our book and record collection. My daughter took this picture. He’s her ally.

Can you believe my two year old took this picture? What a cool shot of her cute ham feet.


“Because we all share an identical need for love, it is possible to feel that anybody we meet, in whatever circumstances, is a brother or sister. No matter how new the face or how different the dress and behavior, there is no significant division between us and other people. It is foolish to dwell on external differences, because our basic natures are the same.”

My thoughts:

Well see, here’s the most difficult thing to do in the entire world. If only we could people for what is on the inside.
We are such creatures of vanity. It’s everywhere. We judge others based on EVERYTHING.
I think that we need to just move past what we see on the outside, and learn to listen to our intuition, and look into the heart of a person. Perhaps we’d have a more peaceful life, hmm?

In other news, today was a cleaning day. I purged. I really did. I’m such a packrat, but I totally purged. My husband and I are record collectors, but we had to get rid of some records. So a few records that I didn’t want or listen to. I was inspired to make a cool scrapbook! So I took a very pretty record sleeve and made a cool album!

This one is for me to keep, but I do plan on making some soon, for the shop! You like?

It’s a simple binding, but I love it.
If you’d to know how to make one, it’s pretty easy.
You’ll need:
about 30 – 50 pages of white recycled paper
2 pages of card stock, in kraft color
1 record sleeve.
1 matching ribbon

It’s pretty easy.
Cut the record, so that the sleeve is two pieces. Then, cut the record to the size of the card stock.
Glue the card stock onto each sleeve, which of course, you’ll have two of.
Then, drill or punch some holes everything. I prefer to drill it, so that you get all punched at the same time.
Then, just put some ribbons thru the wholes, and tie a pretty knot! It’s simple, and easy.

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