Day 25: Mermaid Shrine Box

by thecraftaholic


With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”

My thoughts:

I think I used this one already. I would check, but honestly….I’m feeling lazy. But this one hits me, so I’ll think about it again. It’s interesting how we are so critical of ourselves, eh?
I’m in a swap on craftster, and the theme is “fairy godmother”. So being on this new Victorian bit, I immediately think that I want to make my partner a pretty crown.
Then I start thinking of all the thousand things that could go wrong, things that I could do that would ruin my project. Or I think about how badly mine would look in comparison.
But why do we do that? Must we always measure ourselves? Why can’t we just be happy with our craft, and not critizize?
I realize today that I do some of my best work while not thinking things through too much. I made a matchbox shrine today, a really nice one (even if I do say so myself). And the thing is, most of the time I was making it, I barely thought about it! I would look at it, and occasionally ask my friend Karina for advice, her being the graduated art student. But other than that, I really didn’t think it through too much. I just went with it.
That’s how art should be, eh? Just instinctively following your gut, and going with what looks and feels right. Life may not always be that way, but at least we can be comforted by knowing that one part of our life is not measured by the realities of bills and schedules. At least most of the time, anyway.
So as I stated, today’s work is a pretty Mermaid Matchbox Shrine. Cute, eh? I loved it. It’s pretty easy to do, really. I used a bigger sized matchbox, cut the sleeve, and glued it. Then I primed it with white paint, and went over it with a pretty turquoise poster paint.
The rest of the steps are easy to see. Glitter on the sides, pretty ribbons, shells, and a goddess figure from my stash. The Mermaid Loteria card is just held up that way by some paper that I bent and glued.
And a bottlecap that I made a while back adorns the front center.
I should mention that the goddess figure was a very faded sort of silver. I painted over it a pretty red. Also, the bird on the right was painted over.
Like it? It’s not for sale. Nope. I like it. I’m keeping this one.
Again, crappy pictures. Sorry about that. One day I’ll get a really nice camera that all but takes the pictures for me.


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