Day 24: Victorian Halloween Tags

by thecraftaholic


“A truly compassionate attitude toward others does not change even if they behave negatively or hurt you.”

My Thoughts:

Hmmm…well I have to admit that I react. I do. I guess that’s the problem with living in the world. We react to things in our own way.
I mean to say that in life it’s tough to have compassion on someone who’s just pissed you off, you know? But when you think of the action, it’s usually just the negativity of someone else. Someone else was in a rush and knocked my stuff. Someone else was in a bad mood and grunted at me for taking my time in the fitting room or public restroom. You know? Living in New York, I sort of feed off of all the energy around me, you know? So if someone is pissed I sometimes react to them. But I should just learn to show compassion, even when it’s hard to do. Even when the person is being negative. That’s hard. But I’ll try.
Today’s crafty goodness is a set of tags. I made this beautiful set of Halloween tags. I’ve been really feeling the Victorian ephemera thing a lot! I love it. I cut the tags with my die cut machine, and hand glittered the beautiful victorian images that I had in my stash. I found a whole bunch of Victorian images in my stash bin from when I first started working with paper.
I will most likely do a round up with some fun Victorian ephemera goodies tomorrow.
Sorry for the terrible pictures, it’s a case of bad lighting in my house today!
Perhaps tomorow, I will share some better pics.

The Craftaholic