Day 23: Vintage Ephemera Notebook

by thecraftaholic


“Everything is interconnected. My interest is linked to everyone else’s. Our survival and future are linked. Therefore the destruction of your so-called enemy is actually the destruction of your self.”

My Thoughts:
The above quote has me thinking of when I was in school and the teacher would punish the whole class for something one person did, who didn’t have the nerve to admit their mistake. Do you remember? The teacher would ask who stole her cupcake, or pencils, or something, and the room would stay silent.
Then the punishment would come.
Life is like this, I suppose. Think about it: the environment, the world around us…when one of us does wrong, we all suffer.
If we choose to make a better world for everyone and not think of petty arguments or disagreements with one person or another, perhaps this would make the world a prettier place to live, hmm?
In other news, the above photo is a hand bound journal I made today. It’s hand bound. The front an back covers have chipboard, and I used some pretty ribbon on the sides. I collaged the front cover with some vintage music sheets, and a cute Victorian ephemera that I had in my stash.
It’s for sale in the shop.