Day 21: Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto

by thecraftaholic


“Individuality is very important for a full human life, and then accordingly some leisure time, a bit of holiday, and time spent with family or friends. That is the means to a complete form of life…. If your life becomes only a medium of production, then many of the good human values and characteristics will be lost–then you will not, you cannot, become a complete person.”

My Thoughts:

Well to be honest with you, I’ve never had a problem with celebrating individuality. Not really, anyway. I’ve always been unique. I mean unique in the sense that I always stand out.
Sometimes it’s hard though, to find your own unique voice, when you work full time, have a family and children….I know how hard it is.
You get so wrapped up in the responsibilities with your life, that you don’t think about yourself as much as you should. Or you make others first, forgetting and neglecting your own art and talents. And then when you do, you feel that you’re being selfish! It’s true, isn’t it?
It’s important to set time aside for yourself. It is.

Today’s project is a cute set of two robot stickers! They will be going for sale soon.

The photo is by the lovely Karina Angeles.
Like them? I’ll let you know when they go for sale. Must go for now, due to heart burn and an empty stomach.