Day 19-Altered Dollar Store Journal

by thecraftaholic


Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent.”

My thoughts:

Well, if my husband read this, he’d be laughing out loud. I’m a very talkative person. VERY. In fact, on first dates with a guy, I’d start out by letting him know that he needn’t worry about that uncomfortable silence, since I am chatty kathy.
I’ve always had something to say about something. It’s just part of me I guess. Sometimes I know I’m talking a bit too much because my husband gets this dizzy look on his face. Sounds funny, but it’s true.
But it’s good to be quiet and listen sometimes, you know? When you are in a chatty state, you can’t really pay attention to what is going on around you. Being silent, we can observe the world around us, and gain inspiration from people and places, from nature, and the world around us.
If you’re ever in a creative rut, try to empty your mind of all things, and just observe what’s around you. Go to a busy place, and just observe.
You think, well how do I empty my mind? My answer? Think of what’s on your mind when you’re looking at a picture of your beloved, your cat, or your children or grandchildren. Think of the feeling you get when you see the picture.
I guess being a bit airheaded helps. I’m a little spaced out at times, so it helps with emptying the mind. Oh, I’m not saying I’m dumb. I know I’m smart. But I’m a little spaced out. So it helps, when trying to empty the mind, since I’m usually daydreaming or something anyway.

In other news, I’m shortening the titles now, for sheer laziness.
I had a friend over, and we made some art together, and I’ve posted pics. We made some paper mache boxes, and started on some shadow box art from matchboxes. My daughter actually started painting too, she’s amazing! I will have to take pics, and show them off to you all.
Here’s a few pics from yesterday.

Those are the boxes. I plan on putting lots of glitter on the inside of my box.

Those are a couple of her paintings over the the left of the pic. See them? Cool, right?
Anyhow, below is a pic of a very cute journal I made. Actually, I altered it. I got the journal from the dollar spot at Target, and covered it with hand made paper, and other little goodies in my stash.

The lotus is a new stamp that I’m showcasing. I’ll be listing it for sale soon.

A close up shot. The frame there was sprayed with green glimmer mist and then glittered. I looove the way it looks.

And here’s a back shot.
You like? It might go for sale in the shop. We’ll see….

The Craftaholic
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