My Quest for Nirvana: Day 17-Percy again, for Halloween

by thecraftaholic


“In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher.”

My Thoughts:

I love how uncomplicated this sentiment is. I picked this one to tell you that I have a patience problem. Or rather, I have a lack of it somewhat.
I don’t have a very high tolerance for things like screaming bratty children in department stores, conceited people, or coldness in a person. I started thinking about it…
Do you ever notice that the things you hate tend to get in your path? Like the little kid asking you 20 questions about your WIP when all you want to do is sit on the train and knit?
Or like the crazy old man who sets next to you and yes, he smells just a little bit odd?
Or of course, the crowded elevator or subway train. Somehow, I can take an subway train being crowded, but not an elevator. Especially not when I was pregnant. I was working for a large financial company at the time, and man, those yuppies can pack an elevator. And still, the average New Yorker is too focused on getting to their desk on time, and emails to send, and follow up phone calls to think about the flustered woman next to them, who has absolutely no space to move. It’s funny right? Life is interesting that way.
And then I notice that the more tolerant I become of screaming children and crowded elevators, the more I end up with empty elevators and well mannered little ones near by.
It’s life, isn’t it? When it comes to art, and the craft world, there fortunately are very few things that I cannot tolerate. The one thing that I have little tolerance for is competition. I’ve never believed in competition, or in the need for it. I guess it’s because in a freaky way, I am a bit competitive. So I combat it, by not being that way at all. Weird, but it works for me.
I have a friend named Lisa T. who is an amazing baker and fierce competitor. I say this, because we can rattle on and on about what we’ve baked, and somehow i find that we end up trying to top each other. Women are like this by nature I guess, but it’s funny.
I hate competitiveness. I don’t mean like entering a contest or anything. I mean, that I cannot stand the idea of trying to be “better” than someone else’s etsy shop. I feel that I can stand by my work, and what it means to me, and that is enough to make a statement in my shop.

So for today’s project, I made a fun art print, just in time for Halloween. It’s for sale, in the shop.
It’s Percy & the Laughing Skulls, decorated in a fun way.

The Craftaholic
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