My Quest for Nirvana: Day 15-The Halloween Paper Banner

by thecraftaholic


“In the present circumstances, no one can afford to assume that someone else
will solve their problems. Every individual has a responsibility to help guide our global family in the right direction. Good wishes are not sufficient; we must become actively engaged.”

My thoughts:

I picked this quote purposely to tell you my personal story about faith and circumstance. Where do I start? Well, at the beginning, I suppose.
I’ve always been creative in one way or another. As a child, I was baking and cooking in the kitchen with my father and grandmother. As a young adult I was a beatnik vegetarian poet. Then some years passed and and it all stopped for a while. Lots of things stopped for me though.
I should mention that I grew up in a particular religion most of my life. My parents where quite strict, being “old school” parents and all that.
I’m not sure if it was taught to me, of it I just assumed, but I grew up with this idea that things just magically fall into place, and that there is no work that is truly needed. You can imagine how crushed I was when as a young adult, my religious group fell apart, leaving my husband and I alone, with our thoughts. I didn’t know what to do next. Here I was in one of the biggest cities in the world, without the very structure that I was taught to embrace. I had to teach myself all over again.
It was this large, god forsaken city that taught me that nothing comes easily. Oh true, some people seem to have it easy, or take things for granted, things you wish you had…but that’s not my point. There will always be someone with more than you.
I think what’s important, is to focus on your circumstance and what you can do actively to change it.
Change happens with you fist, then the world around you can change.
So for today’s project, I made a very cool Halloween Banner. I love it! I wish I had better pics, but here it is anyway.
I used lots of fun Halloween glitter and die cuts. So fun.

I promise, I’ll ask my dearest to take some good pics of the banner for all of you to see.
I think I’m done with the Halloween decor, exept for a paper mache Day of the Dead Skeleton! YES! Hubby and I will be emulating Diego and Frida and doing it together. Hmm….
And a couple of stamps for the shop, hopefully tonight or tomorrow! I hope!

The Craftaholic
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