My Quest for Nirvana: Day 12-Cupcake Magnets

by thecraftaholic


“We are all here on this planet, as it were, as tourists. None of us can live here forever. The longest we might live is a hundred years. So while we are here we should try to have a good heart and to make something positive and useful of our lives. Whether we live just a few years or a whole century, it would be truly regrettable and sad if we were to spend that time aggravating the problems that afflict other people, animals, and the environment. The most important thing is to be a good human being.”

My thoughts:

I’ve never been a person to think of “the long run”. I don’t think of what life could be like in the future, or plan ahead. Perhaps it makes for less grey hairs, who knows.
My husband however, loves to plan for the future. He’s totally a “just in case” kind of person.
It wasn’t until I had my daughter that I really decided I probably should plan just a little.
But really, life is short, isn’t it? And we are not here for a long time.
As crafters, we often make our art or crafty items, and we keep them, give them away, or sell them. But what about doing something for mankind?
I’ve been thinking about crafting for a cause lately. It’s a nice idea to create art that can help someone else somehow. Weather it be making little caps for premature babies, or scarves and hats for homeless men and women. It’s a nice idea that perhaps can earn us a few brownie points with the Universe. Right?
So this year, I’ve decided to start my own cause. I’m going to knit and crochet some scarves and hats, and randomly give them to homeless people throughout New York City. I’m starting that next week. Anyone care to join me? You don’t have to give anything away, but of course, you can if you want. I will of course, make a video and post it for those of you who live in places far from NYC. It’s nice to do something for the greater good without the exchange of religion or religious persuasions.
So that’s my thought for the day. Do some crafting for the greater good. Maybe you’ll discover something in yourself.

My project today, is another set of magnets that I made. These are super sweet, and super cute. A nice set of 5 cupcake magnets, embellished with vintage papers and of course, glitter. I’m slowly but surely becoming the glitter queen. They are of course, for sale.

After this, it will be all Halloween all the time. I am so into Halloween this year. I feel like the older my daughter gets, the more “into” the holidays I get. Anyone else feel that way?

The Craftaholic
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