My Quest for Nirvana: Day 8-Halloween Magnets

by thecraftaholic


“I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest.”

My Thoughts:

What is it really for us to have hope? Is hope just a mere positive thought? Or does having hope mean putting power to your positive thinking?
sometimes we get these creative blocks, these periods in our creativity when we just don’t feel it. This block can last days, months, even years for some people. For an artist or crafter, these can be the darkest of times. Those of you who aren’t crafters, or just got into art or crafting, are perhaps wondering why this is.
I think these times are dark for us, because we live to create. Think about it: Julia Child lived for food. For creating a different sort of art: an art for the 5 senses. Van Gogh lived to paint. So as we create with our hands, and make the things that we love to make, we begin to become a part of our creations. Our work is a part of who we are.
Lesson Learned:
So when we have a creative block, what does this say about us? For me, I think it means we need to dig deep inside, and just be still. We need not frantically create non stop. We can hit pause when we feel a creative block, and see what our subconcious wants to tell us. There’s a message for us.
When we dig inside ourselves, and just learn to be still, we can learn why we are blocked, and have hope through a dark time. Then perhaps this hope can allow us the inspiration to create again. Right?
Speaking of darkness, I’ve created something so fun for my project today! I made a very cute halloween themed set of magnets! Cute, right?
This weekend I visited a store called A Portrait bug, on the Upper West Side. They have cute scrapbooking/altered art/paper craft supplies. Very cute shop, I must say! So I got a few things to play with, and left with some newfound inspiration. I guess sometimes that’s all you need, eh?

Cute right? I love the glittered edges. It’s going up for sale in the shop soon.

The Craftaholic
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