The Artist Spotlight: Ismoyo Green

by thecraftaholic

So this week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with my friend Ismoyo Green, who is an artist, graphic designer, and all around crafty girl.

Your name:
Ismoyo Green
Where are you from:
Born and raised in Amsterdam, currently living in New York.
Artist Medium:

I don’t like to limit myself to only one medium to work with. I make illustrations, I sew, I crochet, I needle felt. I think those are my favorites, but I’m always trying new things!
When did get started?
I grew up being a creative child. Always drawing and cutting up magazines to make collages. I wasn’t one of those kids always running around outside all the time, i rather sat in my room and make my own wall art.
How would you describe your art?
Very cutesy-pretty with a vintage flair.
Does anyone else in your family make art, or have a creative outlet?
There is a lot of creativity in my family, most important my mother and husband. He is a musician and my mom is a skilled designer/seamstress. She was always making me and my brother the most stylish clothes when we were young. And she can draw too! I heard the story many times of my parents in their first home together, no money for wallpaper in the bedroom, so my mom did all these drawings on the wall. Gorgeous probably, but in the dark, my dad would think there were people in the room all the time! I wish there were photos of those walls!
Was there someone in your life who influenced you to begin creating art for a living?
Not necessary art as a living, more like work for yourself while making a living, a be your own boss mentality.
Growing up, there were a lot of entrepreneurial people in my family, it would only make sense i would do the same.
The hardest thing was to find out what to do, finding out what ‘my thing’ was. It took me awhile and i think i am still finding my spot, but i’m getting there.
What advice to you have to an artist or crafter who wants to get started making art for a living?
Find what you love most. You will be doing it a lot, spending all your time on it in one way or another, your own business takes up time. A lot of it.
If you start out with something you love, even hard times seem easier.
What are you trying to do to people with your art?
With the risk of sounding shallow, I’m not trying to do that much to people with my work.
Or it would be to make them happy, bring a smile of sunshine on a gray day.
I don’t take myself or my work too seriously, I’m not trying to change peoples world views by needle felting an apple with a face.
Any last words of inspiration?
When life hands you ribbons, throw a party.

Have fun when you craft!
Coolness! Inspiring words from an inspiring artist!
To visit her shop go here. And check out her gallery, go here.

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