My Quest for Nirvana: Day 5-Magnet Tutorial

by thecraftaholic


“It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act. There are two aspects to action. One is to overcome the distortions and afflictions of your own mind, that is, in terms of calming and eventually dispelling anger. This is action out of compassion. The other is more social, more public. When something needs to be done in the world to rectify the wrongs, if one is really concerned with benefiting others, one needs to be engaged, involved.”

My thoughts:

I guess in our search for ourselves we sometimes forget about the good of others, don’t we? I mean, it’s not that we become selfish. For me, I think I just focus so much on my family, and my shop, and my art, that I lose focus on trying to do something for the greater good.
Sometimes I feel like life is a blur. It goes so quickly, and we worry so much about the little things in life, don’t we? Life is short. It really is. Or maybe it’s not that it’s short, maybe it just goes quickly. But…is it the same thing? Who knows. What I do know is that it feels like just yesterday that I was pregnant with my daughter, feeling her kick. Now she’s running around the house, bossing me around.
Another thing that occurs to me is that as we seek nirvana, we are actually seeking to move past the afflictions and issues in our life and in our mind. Life isn’t about just me. It’s not just about my family, it’s about being the best me that I can be, so that I can make a positive change in the world around me.
Lesson Learned:
If I am to influence the world in any way, I must first make the change within myself, and start the revolution within me, so that then, I can “be the change” that I want to see, as Ghandi said.
I’m not looking to become the next Buddha, or Jesus or anything. I just want the world to see that you CAN heal yourself and make a positive difference in your life, just by making art, and reflecting on it’s meaning within yourself.
That’s what I think.
So for today’s crafty endeavor, there is a fun magnet with a tutorial! I know how you all love those tutes. I’m sorry for the horrid picture. My camera has been giving me grief lately! The truth is I need better lighting.

For this, you’ll need:

Aleen’s Craft Glue
Buddha Rubber Stamp
Watercolor Pencils
Stampin Up Blender Pens
Black Ink Pad
White or Grey Card Stock
Magnet Piece
Embossing Gun
Embossing Ink
Ultra Thick Embossing Powder

So the first thing you want to do, is stamp the image on grey or white cardstock. I used grey. Then you should color it in with water color pencils and blend it with the blender pencils. I use the Stampin up brand because it makes it foolproof. No chance of smudging or anything.
Then you want to cut out the image, and glue it with craft glue onto the chip board, and cut it out again, so you can’t see the chipboard.
Now comes the fun part. Ink up the image with the embossing ink, and apply the Ultra Thick Embossing Powder.
Use your embossing gun to melt it, and make sure there are no little lumps.
I did three coats of it. So you can do this three times.
Then, just glitter the edges, and affix the magnet piece with glue, and you’re done!
Hopefully you can take better pictures than I do!

The Craftaholic
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