Newest Shop Items and Fairy Sightings

by thecraftaholic

So here’s a new item I just listed. It’s a scrapbook/journal/photo album thing. It’s hand bound.
I took an old CD case, and re purposed it. Cool, eh? I would have left it as so, but I didn’t so much care for the outside package design. So I redid it. I cut it down the middle to have two panels, and then just embellished it with this paper doll I made. The card on the cover that holds the paper doll is aged with a nail file.
It’s a paper doll, but it’s a fairy. I love fairies! I think my daughter sees faires around the house. Every so often, she’ll be around the house, and be like, “oh mommy I see a bug!” and you know, we’re all used to the normal everyday NYC cockroaches. But no such thing! Nope, I won’t see a bug at all! I’m sure it’s a fairy. Yesterday she saw a whole bunch of them! So I told her that those are special bugs that mommy can’t see. I told her they just want to be her friend. Cute, eh?
So the next thing here is a re purpsed tin that I altered for my embroidery and knit/crochet notions. Like it?

That last picture here is a different one that I made, but I wanted to show the glittered edges. Like it? Coming soon in the shop will be little kits complete with glitter, embellishments, papers and and everything!
Cool right?
Oh, and this weekend I’ll be designing some new Halloween stamps. I’ll post pictures, of course.

The Craftaholic
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