Make Your Own Herbal Baths

by thecraftaholic

I just finished teaching a class on making your own herbal bath preparations, based on my superstitions and knowledge of herbs. I’ve been a home herbalist for about 9 years now, and love working with natural elements.
Here’s a few pictures from the event

So here’s a quick primer, on making your own herbal bath treatments.
I gathered a few herbs from a local herb store, called Sacred Vibes.
I gathered:
Lavender, for Love, stress relief, and beauty.
Basil for love and money
Chamomile for Love, Money, and Beauty
Oatmeal to soothe and exfoliate the skin
Orange Essential oil for love, luck, and to purify the skin
Bergamot Essential oil for Money and stress relief
Bay Leaf to Empower
Star Anise for good luck

Make your own combination with these herbs, and you can do a few things with them:
you can gather them in a muslin bag, and just use them in the bath
you can add them with some Sea Salt, and use them as bath salts
You can boil them into an infusion, let it cool, and pour into the bath water.

It’s your choice!

The Craftaholic
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