The Artist’s Spotlight: Dean Russo Art

by thecraftaholic

This week marks the first week where I’ll be having an artist spotlight. Every week or so, I’ll be interviewing an artist or crafter about their work, and inspiring you all with their words on my blog.
I’m kicking it off with artist Dean Russo of Brooklyn, NY. Dean Russo captures images of people and puppies using mixed media.

Your name: Dean Russo

Artist Medium: Acrylic and Sweat

When did get started? I had formal “training” at Pratt Institute and School of Visual Arts in NYC where purple skin tones were not well accepted in Live Model Fine Arts class. I spent about 15 years playing with all sorts of mediums always making sure to be influenced by all and copy none. I believe the only way to be a true original is this way.

Does anyone else in your family make art, or have a creative outlet? My mother makes doylies!

Was there someone in your life who influenced you to begin creating art for a living? Not really, my mother always supported me but it wasnt until I received a book called “The Art of Disney” as a child that I became obsessed with redrawing cartoon images.

What advice to you have to an artist or crafter who wants to get started making art for a living? DON’T! Seriously someone once told me there is only two ways to make money “Offer something that no one else has OR offer something at a price no one else can match”
I think as an artist you need to offer both. I like a crafters sense of art more so then a “schooled” fine artist. I believe people have to enjoy looking at what you create and as many people as possible is always best. Fine artists for the most part need to have a meaning behind their work….not me….I am a huge fan of happiness and THAT is what I like to share most.

How separate are you from your art? Not at all. I eat, sleep, and breate my work. I cannot look at a dogs face anymore without seeing swirls and stars on its face…I seriously need help 😉

What is the biggest mistake you have ever made? Not looking at my work as a business earlier in my life. I always loved what I did and felt that would fall into place. Fact is nothing falls “into place” in life. You need to go and get it.

What are you trying to do to people with your art? For now – Make them SMILE. If you go to the fifth floor of The Museum of Modern Art in NYC you will at any time of the day find people in front of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” weeping. That won’t happen in my lifetime and it didnt in his.

Must art have a relationship to the rest of the world? No. It must have a very close relationship to the artist and the world will reacte as it will despite this.

Any last words of inspiration? Yes. To my artist friends: Success is how satisfied YOU are. Out of 100 people 10 will like your work and only 2 will buy it. Work your ass off to to make those”2″ love you. Peace.

Awesome words of advice and encouragment!
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