Fabric Covered Bead Bracelets

by thecraftaholic

So I just finished this cute bracelet! You like?
I’m totally addicted to vintage and unique fabrics. So here’s a quick how to, to make one of these babies yourself!
Here’s what you’ll need:

One pair of fabric scissors
Aleen’s Fabric Glue
Awesome vintage fabric
Wooden beads, or any round bead to repurpose
Ribbon, to string the beads on
Darning needle

I just cut off a nice 3 inch strip of fabric, then cut little squares, so that each bead had it’s own little patch of fabric, like so:

Then cut it, so that the fabric will be easy to wrap around the bead.
Like so:

See? Then just wrap and glue, wrap and glue.
After that, you should poke the holes, where the bead string is, I did that with my scissors. Then put it on a wooden skewer to dry up.
Then just string it along, with some other beads if you like, and tie the bracelet closed! Or you can use longer ribbon, and make a necklace. You could make a cute knot in between the beads too.