Another hat

by thecraftaholic

Another hat, originally uploaded by The Craftaholic.

So here’s a fun hat I made for the fall season. Cute, eh?
I got a whole bunch of this generic brand yarn, and decided I had to do something with it. And I loooove making slouchy hats, so here it is!
I made a bunch of these, in different colors.
Any of you getting ready for the fall? I loooove the fall. I love the crisp weather, the leaves changing colors, and the holidays.
Baking cakes, making cookies, and gathering together with friends and family is what I love about fall.
Summer is nice to go to the beach, make homemade ice cream, and drink lemonade…but after a while you become a little…well…sticky.
So this hat is just my ode to fall, because I love it so.