I felt you…

by thecraftaholic

This week’s round up is inspired by Felt! I have always wanted to learn at needle felting, to make cute toys for my little one. I bought a book on needle felting while I was pregnant with my daughter, but of course, never did anything with it.
So I’m thinking I might try to really do some needle felting this autumn, to make her some cool toys and such.
So this week’s round up is all about Needle felting.

To get you started on needle felting, you’ll need some supplies, which I recommend purchasing from Made by Moxie. There are a ton of other sellers out there, but I just recommend her. I love her work.
To get you started, here’s a video on needlefelting.


I love these owls!

Then they’ve got a part 2, and a fun list of projects!

You can also make this cute rabbit pin. Adorable!

I love that leaf!

Here’s a cute flower. You can easily make this into a pin!

And this is a felt cabochon bead!

And here’s a link to video on making felt beads!

Then Threadbangers has a cool tutorial on making your own bendy felted animals!

Here are various links for other felted fiber goodness.

Here’s a little gallery of needle felted inspiration for you.

Also check out my Flickr search results, which left me browsing for hours!

Then check out Victor Dubrovsky, who is an amazing fiber artist making beautiful and realistic looking needle felted animals.
I hope you enjoyed the round up!