My first Clothing Swap

by thecraftaholic

So here are a few pictures from a clothing swap I had recently. I really love clothing swaps because you get to de-stash the clothing you have, while having fun with other cool people. I also am really passionate about donating clothing, and buying second hand. I really try as best as I can to be eco-friendly. One way is that
I buy second hand. Clothing swaps are great. I highly recommend you hosting one!
I was inspired by Wendy Tremayne, who hosts awesome clothing swaps, and encourages others to host their own home swaps.
Left over clothing is always donated to shelters or nearby charities. I’m fortunate that most charities here in NYC pick up your private donations.
I bought some wine, and put on some old records, and we just talked while we rifled through piles of clothing.
It was fun, and I am definitely going to host another one!