Adventures in Printmaking

by thecraftaholic

So I have a Yudu. But the thing about that machine is that I feel like I should be using it with someone, instead of being all alone, making art.
So I decided to invite a friend over, and do some printmaking!
I took out my hand carved stamps, my brayer, my yudu machine, some fabric ink, and some yudu fabric paint.
The last one was with my yudu machine. Like it?

Here’s a quick tutorial for printing on fabric.

1. Get yourself a speedball brayer, a piece of scrap cardstock, and some fabric paint. Put another piece of cardstock inside your tee shirt or bag, in between the two layers, so the paint won’t seep onto the back.

2. Squirt just a little bit of fabric paint onto the scrap cardstock.

3. Roll some paint on your brayer. Just a little bit, now as a little goes a long way.

4. Roll the paint onto the stamp. I prefer to use a good hand carved art stamp of course, because that’s what I peddle. You can make your own hand carved stamp, or purchase them.

5. Now carefully place the stamp onto the tee shirt, and tap it with your fingers, as you would if you were stamping a piece of paper. You’ve got to make sure that each part of the stamped image is on the fabric.

6. Now gently take off the stamp, holding one hand on the fabric, so that nothing gets smudged.

7. That’s it! Wait for it to dry, and follow the instructions of the fabric paint. Usually, you have to heat set it with an iron. But follow the instructions on the paint bottle.

Have fun making printed clothing! You can alter your clothing, and make some cool shirts and bags!