Teaching my daughter

by thecraftaholic

I was thinking today about motherhood. As mothers, we give so much don’t we? Motherhood is truly the most giving job a woman could have. It’s not the same as fatherhood. We connect with our children while they are in utero and the connection (for most of us) never really breaks.
Sometimes we get so caught up with our life. Every day going to and fro, trying to get through the day, trying to get our family together…we often lose sight of ourselves.
When I decided that I wanted to make art for a living, I did so because I wanted to teach my daughter that you can do anything your heart desires. I wanted to teach her that even a person like me, who came from the bogs of hurt and sadness, could lift themselves up and accomplish your dreams. As women we are taught the roles of being subservient, of being humble and forgoing our dreams for the good of our children and husband. But is this really a good thing? Are we really teaching our daughters positive ways?
I think the most positive and powerful thing is for me to lift myself up and become who I dream to be, so that I can show my daughter that she can be anything she wants.
What more could I do for such a small and amazing person that makes me happy just to see her smile?