Oh, the Sun in all it’s glory

by thecraftaholic

This week’s round up is inspired by the sheer heat that has hit New York City. It’s really F$#%ing hot! I am home, hiding from the heat today, cutting up papers and working on some craft projects.
So here’s a crafty round up inspired by the sun.

This first one is a cute baby sun hat! The Purl Bee shows you how to make it.
Then, while you’re there, check out this cool knit pattern for a fun summer kerchief!

And if you’re feeling like making true friends with your sewing machine, here is a very very cute halter style dress to make for your little one. Gosh, I wish I had a sewing machine now!

It’s so cute, and really how hard is it to sew with a sewing machine? I do love to sew but I lack the machine! Anyone out there feel like sponsoring me with a nice new machine?

Ahem, well anyway, you can also make your own summer lei! If you’re having an end of the summer party, what better way to celebrate then by making your own lei?
Tutorial Here

Nice right? It’s a braided scarf! How cool is that?

So that’s all I could think of, since really the summer is quite over. Next week, I’ll be featuring some more eco friendly craft tutes!