Simply Frida

by thecraftaholic

So this week’s crafty round up is inspired by this beautiful bracelet I saw while browsing on Flickr. I love it!
And I love Frida Kahlo. She is awesome, her spirit was so strong, despite all she had to go through.

This is so cool. It’s a doll house! How cool! Now I want to make one. I might actually add this to my queque of projects.

I love these dolls! The are absolutely amazing! Beautiful.

And this is in case you want to purchase something frida!

Of course, no Frida round up would be complete without the Crafty Chica’s work. I love this necklace and earing set. I am going to make a similar set for a swap that I’m in currently.
In my search, I did find some cool blogs and such!
Here’s a few links.
I love the blog, The Butterfly Collector. Beautiful artwork and great inspiration!
Papermusings is a cool site for bookmaking and paper related art and inspiration!
Elsa Mora has a cool blog filled with art, jewelry making, and all sorts of fun crafty projects.
And for altered art, and mixed media inspiration, here’s Magpie’s Nest. Amazing work!