Sing a Song About Coraline….

by thecraftaholic

So my daughter LOOOVEs claymation. She loves the movie Coraline, and most anything by Tim Burton, as she has a yen for skeletons.
We bought the movie Coraline on DVD recently, and of course, I’ve seen the movie about a dozen times already.
In the movie, Coraline is lured into this parallel universe, where everything seems brighter and better than it actually is.
She is given a little looking glass in one scene, and is able to see the darkness of this other world she’s in.
I started to think about how we do that in life so much, don’t we? We look at our life, and become unhappy with it…and instead of changing how we see our life, or changing the dark parts of our life, we think the answer is to escape and go into this other world where nothing goes wrong; only to find out that no, there is no perfect world.
Life can be challenging sometimes, and some of us suffer in life more than others. We look at someone who perhaps didn’t have the parents we had, or doesn’t have the financial problems we may have. But instead of looking at some fantasy, we should instead look at the life we have in front of us, and be grateful for what we do have.
This is why I love living in NYC. Whenever I get to feeling frustrated about things, I can see that there are many people who struggle a lot more than I do. Now, this is not what comforts me, but what makes me want to comfort myself. I can be happy right now, or I can want what someone else has. I chose to be happy in the place I am in.
What else matters? Just my art. So I continue with my art, and express my feelings through it.