Oh, Damned Sweltering Heat!

by thecraftaholic

I posted this picture because it’s really hot out. This picture was taken upstate when we went to Bear Mountain with my sister. She took this picture, my fabulous photographer sister. It was fall, and so nice and chilly.
I mean, it’s just too hot for me. I’m longing for the days of autumn and winter, when I can freely cook and bake without feeling like I’m going to stick to the wall.
I love the fall, don’t you? It’s so nice to see the foliage, and feel the cool air against your face. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with your family and friends…making a big meal for your loved ones….that’s what I love.
Summer time is just heat. And ice cream. And the beach. I do love the beach tho. The other day I was feeling the heat of NYC, and decided to go to Coney Island, since I live pretty close to it. My little one fell asleep on the way there, and I thankfully brought my journal and just did some “soul searching” as cliche as it sounds.
I really feel like I’m at turning point in my life. I decided that I’m going to just keep looking forward and not always look at what could have been or what can be.
We do this so much, don’t we? We just consume ourselves with what could have been and what we could have made or done. Life is so short, and filled with ups and downs.
I think that we just need to look forward and look at the good things we have in our life. That’s why it’s important to have goals! Goals make us reach higher!
Let’s look to our goals. Instead of looking back and what could have been, look ahead to what is and what will be!
When you make art, or crafterpieces, don’t critizise yourself or measure yourself by someone you think is a great artist or crafter. You are what you are, and that’s enough. Realize this, and start looking ahead, and striving for the future. Before you know it, you’ll be reaching your dreams!