Reconstructions and Alterations…

by thecraftaholic

I’ve been really into altered art lately.
So I decided to post a few ideas for you to make some altered art of your own!
Altered art is fun, and you don’t really need instructions.
Just do what you love! Glue stuff on stuff, paint stuff on stuff….do what feels right.
So I’ve included today some pictures and a short description of what the artist may have done.
It’s for inspiration, so go out and make some altered art of your own.

I love this! The artist added fun tabs and mixed her drawing with collage work. Nicely done. The artist calls herself Phizzychick and lucky for me, she has a blog!

This is so cute! It’s not that hard to make. It’s just a basic beaded necklace with a vintage bottle that’s been altered and added as a pendant. Too cute! This is made by Etsy Shop TheGypsyTinker. Beautiful! I love this. You know what? You could get your hands on some vintage bead necklaces and repurpose them into a necklace for this project. So beautiful.

Altered art is so much fun because you repurpose items into something really cool.

This artist’s name is Stacey Riff. She’s got a cool website full of pictures of inspiration for you! This thing is cool! It’s more art than anything else, but it’s fun! You can easily make something like this yourself with some found objects and boxes. You can go to the craft store and find a few boxes, or you can scrounge around the house, and see if you can find some little boxes to remake. They don’t have to be wood. They can be plastic or cardboard! Remember that paper is your friend. You can cover them up with paper and just paint over them to make art!
Upon starting your adventure with altered art, you should keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of fun objects you can use.

This is so fun! I love hand made jewelry that looks unique. The artist, Diana Trout makes them by making drawings and paintings then transfering them to fabric and embellishing them with beads, etc.
Very nice!

I love this. It’s an altered envelope! This makes me want to save all my junk mail envelope and remake them.
You can easily remake something like this with some rubber stamps.
Sylvia Luna of Silver moon studios, has all kinds of other pictures of her art, for you to view and be inspired by. Personally I love her envelopes, don’t you?

Isn’t this cool? It’s a record made into a scrapbook! AWESOME! I love this.

If you want more inspiration, head over to The Art E Zine site! Very cool site that provides you with FREE vintage images to use in your art projects!
I also love the Artist Debrina Pratt on Flickr. Amazing art! Be inspired by her!
I hope I’ve inspired you to make beautiful altered art! It’s so much fun. Just remember not to judge yourself! Just do what feels right to you.