Sequins and Self Discovery

by thecraftaholic

So I have a whole bunch of these star shaped sequins.
What can I do with them?
I even google searched it and only found a craft project to make a sequin necklace.
I could just string them up, and use it as trim on my altered projects. Perhaps.
What else? I’m making some new items for the shop also! Some cool altered journals for you to write in.
Some new stamps.
I’m opening a new shop just for my knitwear and accessories. It’s called Sweet Buddha Knits. I’m currently working on the logo and stuff, and I’ll be launching the site tonite. That will be your source for knit and crochet wear, and hand made accessories.
I’m keeping Sweet Buddha Designs for my paper endeavors.
What else?
I’ve been thinking also lately, about bad moods. I feel like sometime we just let little things in our life control our emotions.
Living in the city is tough, anyone can tell you that. You’re surrounded by people all the time, and yet, you are the most alone when you live here. This may be for various reasons, but that’s not what I’m thinking about.
Living with the hustle and bustle is tough. Everyone scurries to and fro, always expecting something from you. It’s hard to not let this life get to you.
This is why I continue to realize how important it is to surround yourself with positive people, people who will encourage you and uplift you. It’s hard for me to be that way sometimes, but I turn to those who love me, those who are there for me when I need them. Those are the people that matter. Those are the ones that you keep in your life. I for one, do not need instability in my life. Being a saggitarius, I have quite enough of that already in me. So I want to surround myself with a constant realness. A constant truth. What is truth in my life? No one can answer that but me.
The truth in my life is my family-my husband, my daughter, and the few select friends who take out the time to return my calls and emails.
This is truth.
The best way to combat this sometimes dark and dreary city, is to realize the truth in your life. The good things you have. Gratefulness and an attitude of grattitude works wonders.
I have so much to be grateful for, don’t you?