by thecraftaholic

In attempts to win a contest at Modcloth, I’m writing today about my biggest transformation.
I wasn’t always the positive, spiritual person I am today. A lot of trials and tribulations where handed to me in my life to get me to the point I am at today.
I never thought that I would be sitting here, writing about how I’ve changed, or looking at a picture of my husband and daughter. I used to be a faithless person with no drive and lots of dreams.
I never realized that you have to work for what you want. Life is hard, things are tough, and you go through things that you’d probably never want to, or that you’d not wish on an enemy. But these dark moments in life can empower you and strengthen you, if you choose it to.
So what magical moment occurred in my life to make me the way I am now?
I became a wife and a mother. Now, I’m not saying that my husband is this hero that saved me. I did it myself. I worked at my own transformation. But it was his love and support and it was my art and my creativity that brought me to the path of transformation and healing.
My biggest transformation was when I looked in the mirror and loved who I saw. It was when I became who I wanted to be.
Art truly heals.